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Water heater

Jamison Plumbing Company replaces, installs, and repairs hot water heaters as well as other services. We offer same day hot water heater replacement and Tank less water heaters to most New York, commercial and residential customers within a two hour window.
Our expert service technicians are experienced and trained at water heater troubleshooting and replacement.

Water heater installation can take anywhere from two hours to 45 minutes. The first step before beginning the process is to turn off the electricity. After the old water heater is removed, set the new water heater in place. A carpenter’s level will be useful to ensure that it is level. Either plastic or wooden, are a great way to level it. A block of wood is sometimes helpful to support the shutoff valve while it is being soldered. It is essential that the valve is in the open position when soldering. In essence, the propane torch melts the metal so that the two pieces become firmly attached.